In His Presence Album by Andre and Nola Pelser



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In His Presence Album by Andre and Nola Pelser

This album was recorded at the DML Studio/ Rhema Studio. Digital mastering at EMI Studios, Johannesburg, South Africa. All songs and lyrics by Andre Pelser, copyright 1985

Nola Pelser wrote ‘Lord, How Beautiful’

The song ‘Jesus’ is an arrangement of a song by John Watson


This album is dedicated to our family and friends who stood by us while we did missionary work in Australia. This album was born out of our adventures as sent ones in a foreign land.

Nola, Aje, Yvette and I are humbly thankful to our heavenly Father, our Lord Jesus Christ and his blessed Holy Spirit for giving us this opportunity to bring glory to his name.

Thanks to all the Muso’s and studios for your dedication and especially Mike for your meticulous persistence!

A special word of thanks to George, whose suggestion to support our work in Australia by recording a new album sparked the whole thing off.



Produced and arranged by Mike Duly

Sound Engineer: George Hattingh

Cover Design: Norman Hanna

Photography: John Tappush/Merv Cannon

Digital Mastering: Rob Bailey/ Neville Holmes



Mike Duly, Bass

Skats Esterhuyse, drums and percussion

Brancko Kuckoc, DX7, Juno Synthesizer, acoustic piano, percussion, instrumental arrangements

Vic Mundy, percussion

Andre Pelser, Lead Vocals, acoustic piano

Nola Pelser, Lead Vocals, acoustic piano on ‘Lord how beautiful’

Andy Robertson, Lead Guitar


Back-Up Vocals

Karen Adcock, Lindsay Duly, Branko Kuckoc, Vic Mundy, Nola Pelser