Dr Andre Pelser

Is an international speaker and published author. His missions to remote parts of the world have yielded tremendous fruit and his wisdom to simplify complex spiritual, social, strategic and economic problems has opened effective doors for long term dialogue across traditional and cultural lines.

A coaching session with Andre will benefit you for years, and the life principles he has learnt and applied in his travels will open new portals of thought and success for you. 

If you are embarking on a new phase of your life, business or ministry, a mentor programme with a see as ones coach will set your direction and build tremendous momentum in your journey.

Aje Pelser 

As a coach, Aje has mentored people across the spectrum of society, from sportsman and business owners, to community and spiritual leaders.

He likes to bring well structured changes to reform hearts and minds to establish kingdom principles that bring righteousness, peace and joy into every situation. He will explain how orbital thinking can revitalise your personal life and business operations alike.


Lameez Bailey
Entrepreneur, Mother
Wow, wow, WOW!!! 👏👏👏👏👏 Is all I can say about Pelser Media's Executive Coaching workshops. I just keep coming back for more and each and every time I learn something new, that helps me with the very thing I'm facing in business today, as an entrepreneur. The values, skills and practical toolkits shared during these sessions has helped me to successfully start and run multiple brands, whilst remaining humble throughout the process WHICH IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! I always recommend and share with my fellow entrepreneur connections, that they should consider booking an Executive Coaching session with Ajé Pelser, and I will continue to do so, because I know and I am living proof that IT WORKS! Thank you to Ajé and his team for support us small business owners in this way, it really is needed and very much appreciated! 🤗🙏 Oh! And DO NOT FORGET that Pelser Media also produce music, artwork, literature and videos which are sold on their online store. Supporting Pelser Media, also means you're supporting Christian Missions - see their website for more info: www.pelsermedia.com 😉👍
Karien Basson
Technology Project Coordinator
"Executive coaching, with life coach Aje Pelser, is facilitating the process in my work life migrating from a project coordinator into a project manager. A main key to becoming a success PM for me is to submit to the process of change. Submission might not be easy and so sought after in a business word, but it is way more beneficial then sacrifice. Life is too short for constant stressing. You must learn to enjoy lt.. Leading teams of people managing tasks is hard work and it takes focus time and energy. Not even mentioning ‘people care’ that is just as important or even more important than task management. My sessions with Aje, helped me to "find the solution within" and it taught me that trusting your teams is a necessary key for leadership. When we give diligent people a sense of control and autonomy we end up with healthier and happier teams. Having one goal in mind reaching their successes together."
Tyren Bailey
Automobile Technician
My wife and I have had multiple Executive Coaching sessions with Aje Pelser from Pelser Media. These sessions have been extremely insightful and helpful for us as entrepreneurs. We started our business Bailey's Mobile Auto Clinic in 2019 and used the principals taught to us during the group and one-on-one sessions as our foundation. Today, these principals are still being applied. I can honestly say, we would not have made it this far without the encouragement and teaching received during our Executive Coaching sessions with Aje.
High School Scholar, aspiring carpenter, musician
“Aje helped me to streamline all the thoughts in my head. He helped create order in the all the chaos in my mind. “