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New Release: Youth Diary (print)

“Highly Favored" Youth Diary Volume 1.

Based on the ever popular “Renewal of the Mind", written for youth ages 12-17. A deep-diving course to practically process ones thought life and actively align it with the Word of God. Available in print only. Postage extra. Price R120.   

to follow in 2024: “Meeting with Jesus “, based on the Preteens course “Why is the Bible important to me?", “The Life of
Jesus", based on Dr M Gray's Life of Christ"

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Executive Coaching Package R150 per session ( 6 Sessions Booking)


R900 (R300 Deposit to book your sessions)

Creative thinkers determine the future. Reconstruct your thought processes according Godly principles that have been tried and tested. Access the valuable experience of André and Aje Pelser who have pioneered new organizational structures, equipped leaders across diverse cultures, travelled extensively and established numerous successful ministries and NPOs.
If you book an Executive Booster Pack of 6 sessions of 30min each, you will receive the following:

1. Six Personal video calls with a mentor.
2. Strategic Arrow planner.
3. Stumbling block to Milestone Analysis.
4. PowerPoint summary of your session to track you progress.
5. Set Realistic Goals for the short, medium and long term.

Aje enjoys helping young adults and teens to process their life passions, and
translate that into a practical goal setting for their academics, extra murals
and personal growth.
Sessions available online.

Free offer! Telescope Edition 15 - Download Now

Develop the Leader within – Audiobook

There are galaxies of leadership to explore, from personal to corporate, from influencing a community to uplifting a whole society. We might not all take the lead in daily life, but we all have a responsibility to lead in some way that affects not only our course of life, but those around us. With this in mind I have decided to offer some thoughts and meditations of defining moments in my life that developed the leader within me.

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