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24 Artwork Pieces Available for Purchase

Original Artworks by Andre Pelser & Aje Pelser

Proceeds of sales will go towards completion of Missions
Base Building in Cape Town, South Africa.


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Art Work By Andre Pelser

Thai Resort

Thai Resort: Thailand with its multiple resorts is a paradise for holiday makers. Every island has its own beauty and is pleasing to the eye. Who does not want to go there and bathe in the warm waters? … READ MORE

Harrods London

Harrods, London: every child, young and old, wants to go to Harrods because there is something for everyone and at any price. It is a sight that every tourist to London wants to view. Everyone asks: ‘have you been to Harrods?’… READ MORE

Big Bull

Bull Elephant: the ears of an African elephant have the distinct shape of the map of Africa. African elephants are also much bigger than Asian elephants and their tusks much longer. The Chinese pay African poachers to kill the elephants and to cut off their beautiful ivory tusks to use for Chinese medicine. They do the same with Rhinos. This is such a pity and such a waste. Luckily there are people like ex-Protea wicket keeper Mark Boucher who has given himself to nature conservation to save the Rhinos. One of the most majestic sights in the wild is to come upon an African Bull elephant in the road.… READ MORE

Art Work By Aje Pelser

First Light MTB Series

First Light MTB Series: get there before everyone else and ride the first light! Crisp and fresh morning with your friends on the road. There’s nothing better to revive the soul! … READ MORE

Last Wave of the Day

Last Wave of the Day: surfers were not allowed to surf! One of the least understood regulations imposed during a pandemic for surfers was the prohibition of surfing. The water is salty and acts as a natural destroyer of viruses, the waves were breaking for months, empty line ups glistening with perfection – and no one to ride them … READ MORE 

View from Zorgvliet Banhoek Valley

View from Zorgvliet, Banhoek Valley: driving through the endless mountains and vineyards of Stellenbosch helps you lose all track of time and place. Discovering a new vista from a different angle in a changing light strengthens the soul and delights the senses. God’s glorious creation beckons and some have decided to celebrate his glory by preserving the beautiful nature and manicuring it’s fruit for us to enjoy! … READ MORE

See what our supporters have to say 

Through sowing into missions by supporting the Art Auctions, God has blessed us as a family with new business concepts and provided the funds to start them, kept us financially stable and allowed for greater perspective and understanding of the needs of the different nations that we reach and what to trust the Lord for. I have also developed a desire to travel and to meet these nations!

Nadia Mouneimne-Theron

Logans words: learning me not to be shy. So, he is saying that supporting the Art Auctions is helping him break through the fear of man!

Praise the Lord!

Logan Theron 6 years old

Being part of missions gives us great joy and seeing the paintings on the wall is a constant reminder that we serve a great God who loves all people, from every nation. We’ve sowed into missions whenever we could and in a time when there was no work, we have not lacked. We are grateful to the Lord for providing for us.

The paintings also have meaning for us and God has used them as a source of encouragement and reminders of what He has done and is doing in our lives.

The boys see missions as a way of life too. Once in EJ’s school work, there was a question: do you know any missionaries? His reply was, ” Yes, we are.”



Angela Collins

Supporting Missions Art Auctions made me aware that I also have talents. The paintings made me full of happiness. I realised that Art is “My Thing”

Supporting the Auctions made me realize the power of God, God is the most powerful. God also blessed me with the power in the blood of Jesus.





Wium Strydom 9 years old

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Andre Pelser

Andre Pelser

Missionary Sketches

As a young boy Andre received commendation for his artwork from the late Cape Town based and famous Vladimir Tretchikov. But it only blossomed later in life after he had a dream about holding a watercolor auction and selling all the paintings.

Since then all funds that are raised at these art auctions go to support Andre’s missionary work where he trains Pastors and leaders free of charge and holds church meetings and conferences. When Andre was 12 years old an old lady prophesied that God would use him in other lands. He has spent a lifetime to fulfill that prophecy. He has been to 125 nations up to date (2020) and hopes to go to all nations registered with the United Nations (192) so there are 67 nations to go to!

Before becoming a missionary he and his wife Nola were actors on TV & stage in South Africa and also professional musicians. They use their talents to present the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

Andre had two Pentax cameras with all the lenses stolen at JFK Airport, New York. This prompted him to make sketches in his little black Moleskine notebook instead of taking pictures on his journeys. From these sketches came the paintings for auctions. He is a line artist and captures impressions with simple line drawings. He can tell an interesting story behind every painting. Every painting comes with a signature of the artist at the back as well as the date and place where it was sold to make it authentic.


Aje Pelser

Aje Pelser

Missionary Sketches

Aje Pelser works alongside his father in missions and desires to effectively follow up all the contacts and work generated for the kingdom of God.

There is such a need for proper training in the field of missions and Aje prepares the curriculum for leaders’ toolkits.

From the abstraction of wineland cellar walls to the panoramic views of the glorious mountians of Stellenbosch where mountain bike trails beckon, Aje seeks to capture a glimpse of the Cape’s beauty.

Sunsets and waves, are paintined in pure colour in large formats. The Protea Still Life takes some of that nature indoors celebrating South Africa.

Build the Missions Base

After a lifetime of missions, we are busy building our missions base and has it been a mission in itself!

Our hearts desire is to build a studio style church that will serve as a Congregational Church service venue, as well as Miracle Bible Training Centre for missions training in theology and the arts.

We have built everything as it stands so far cash, and our hope was not to build any unnecessary debt that would burden future generations of missionaries.

God has helped us, through the generation donation of partners, to secure the property by building a fence and installing an 8 metre wide electronic gate with an electric fence. We have seen vandalism and theft rise since the lockdown and it was a matter of urgency to ‘build a wall’ which we have done as the inset photo confirms.

There is a caretaker’s cottage which has been used to host visitors and meetings of smaller gatherings. We are so close we can almost reach it.

What remains is a three phase completion strategy:

Phase 1: Structural repairs are needed to rebuild and strengthen damaged and vandalized sections.
Phase 2: Make the Auditorium ready for occupation and church meetings
Phase 3: Get to the much needed finishes and parking lot, as well as upgrading the equipment for our Church studio broadcasting facility that will reach all nations.

Just a note: our YouTube channel for Harvester Church Cape Town has reached 144 nations to our knowledge and continues to reach further. Our MBTC free online Bible training channel has just celebrated its 100th subscriber in a few months since launching and has 18 free subjects with 8 classes each to watch. Every term we will increase the number of playlists and the disciples being made increase exponentially.

The music training, performing arts and fine arts that will be based at the Church facility will enhance and beautify the spreading of the Gospel so that an entire new generation of reformers can being reached through their eye-gate via all forms of media and the kingdom of God will be richer for it.

God gave us a prophetic word from Gabriel Odeyemi: “If you build a TV Studio God will bless you.” This is the reason for us building the Church auditorium in the form of a studio that will be used to train the nations and demonstrate various forms of teaching, preaching, healing and instruction in arts to the world from Burgundy Estate in Cape Town.
In addition we wish to build a Christian Library for people to visit that will be unparalleled in our circles.

The ‘Sketches’ coffee shop will host curated exhibitions every few months and will serve as a gathering place for students and locals. We hope to have our own coffee brand in collaboration with Harvester farmers in Uganda one day!

There are plans for a lapa and dedicated braai area for the Band of Brothers who meeting monthly – and perhaps now weekly! The guys are so excited that they have already had their first Band of Brothers braai in the unbuilt foyer last month!

A church is such a wonderful hub of activity that celebrates all categories of life, and the mission’s base will also attract members of the local Burgundy Estate and Richwood areas of which there are over 6000 households to reach! It is such a source of joy in believing that we are dedicating the first online auction to the next phase of our Building Project. We welcome and celebrate your support as partners and pray that God will work in your heart, not only to bid on a beautiful work of Art, but to participate in the completion of a place of worship and missions base that has already reached 124 nations to date and aims to keep going to make disciples of Jesus in all nations.

We appreciate and love you and thank God for people like you who see the value of our worthy cause and back it financially.

Yours in Art Missions!

Apostle Aje Pelser

Auction for Missions

24 Artwork Pieces Available for Auction

Original Artworks by Andre Pelser & Aje Pelser

Proceeds of sales will go towards completion of Missions      Base Building in Cape Town, South Africa.


Books Available

Aje Pelser reviews this most notable documentation of supernatural healing power for the 21st century believer.

The author reveals the motivation for writing the book: “I feel it is my sacred duty to record some of the miraculous events for the sake of posterity, so that those who believe in Jesus Christ in the following generations may carry on with the work of proclaiming faith in Jesus Christ who He died on the Cross for us and whom God raised from the dead after three days in the grave … READ MORE


I had this dream five years ago that I should rewrite the basic beliefs systems for our kind of church, the apostolic or reformational kind of church which means we are still reforming. It is not completely reformed yet, but we are reforming according to the Scriptures. We are conforming to the image of Christ Jesus, God’s Son. (Romans 8:29, 30)
I am rewriting the Dogma that Dr Moller wrote because it covers the basic doctrine of our beliefs …READ MORE


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