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Welcome to Pelser Media’s online Shop, your portal to a galaxy of resources!

The Pelser family has been producing creative and learning resources to help transform hearts and minds for decades. With our extensive network of global contributing partners, the site will be adding new products as they are released.

Now you can find all the digital music, books, instructional videos, art products and life coaching services on one site. This is the first phase of the online shop, we are working on expanding our products and services to include archives of on demand video, broadcasts, music and art lessons and engaging updated content with regular online events like live auctions and concerts.

Thank you for your support, God bless you!

It is more blessed to give than to receive
Pastor Clyde & Llynith, Summer and Jessica Davids
It is more blessed to give than to receive and to give into the expansion of Gods kingdom in the earth is a great privilege. We have found as a family it starts with understanding Gods heart to go to all nations, and then to commit to trusting the Lord to provide us that seed for us the sowers. We have often bid at auctions without having the money, yet the Lord has always helped us settle the amount. It helped us keep our heart and ensure that our treasure is indeed in heaven. That mammon is not our God but Jesus is our God and proved to be our provider as we seek His kingdom first all other things have been added unto us. As our children have participated over the years in bidding at auctions, reading and enjoying the Pelser Media books, DVD, and Worship Music with us, we instil the same commitment we have to Christ in them. As a family we highly recommend all that Pelser Media has to offer, it provides us with much peace. ( Philippians 4:9 ) Love in Christ,
The Bible School manuals are a blessing to me.
Janine Meyer
I completed a year of full time Bible School in 2017, and up until today the teachings are continually helpful in my everyday life. This week the Holy Spirit led me to read through the Movement and Dance in Worship manual; and I was reminded about worshipping in Spirit and Truth. Through the Renewal of the Mind manual, I learned not to speak my own opinion in situations but to confess the word of God in that situation. I grateful to God for these tools and I'm truly blessed by the MBTC manuals.
I thank God for the Pelser Media music
Unathi Damana
I thank God for the Pelser Media music it has help me a lot in understanding the ways on how to worship God. Coming from a Pentecostal church, knowing only one way to worship God, I didn't know we can worship Him in different genres. The CD's even the children at home became more drawn to God singing along with me when I play the CD (Homeward Bound & Travelling Man & Reformation), we will sing together. It united us in a way I never thought it will. And also, it blessed us a lot that the children started to learn speaking in English and even today at school they are doing very well in English.