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Welcome to Pelser Media: a galaxy of creativity! The Pelser family were having dinner at a Harvester restaurant in the UK, when Yvette had an idea: “Hey, this would be a good name for our church!” The concept of the end time harvest has been central to the thinking of founding apostle and prophet Andre and Nola Pelser, who registered Southern Christian Centre in 1981 in Johannesburg, South Africa. By 1991, when they came to the mother city of South Africa, Cape Town, they started to realize the prophecy by Prophet Sigi Oleander, that they would father a new move of God in the Spirit.

Aje the firstborn son. Yve is the daughter, who is now married to Don in Tennessee. Many of the songs and plays were written by her. Hilton is the younger brother who has embarked on a successful career in the performing arts in screen acting.
Aje is married to Chantal and they have formed a bond since Bible College, and have been making music together ever since. They have three children: Cherie – who is dancing as a full time ballerina at Ballet Magnificat, Ethan – who is an aspiring young musician and Zoe – who is developing her artistic skills in drawing and poetry.
Apostle Aje and Chantal Pelser continue to build on the sound foundation centring on Christ Jesus in all they do. Harvester has a three pronged mission:

  1.  Go into all the world and preach the Gospel, making disciples of all nations.
  2. Plant churches with Bible training centres.
  3. Produce resources that will reform hearts and minds and establish the kingdom of God.

Pelser Media is the result of years of ministry and productions in music, literature and arts, as well as video production. This web site is only a portal into the galaxy of creativity of, not only the original family, but the extended spiritual family of Harvester International Ministries and Reformational Churches, covering a network of several continents reaching 124 countries to date.

Harvester HQ

We are New Testament believers and the Kingdom of God is a present reality with an ultimate fulfilment awaiting us. The Kingdom of God is within us and we do not have to take it by force as men did until the time of John the Baptist. It is our Heavenly Father’s good pleasure to give the Kingdom to us.


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