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Gospel Music Downloads South Africa | Best Praise and Worship Songs For Your Spirit

South African Gospel Music Downloads & Best Praise and Worship Songs For Your Spirit

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  • Boundary of the Ocean

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  • Will Your Memory of Me be Kind

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  • War Time Story

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  • Turn These Stones into Bread

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  • Man of Sorrows

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  • Preacherman Blues

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Displaying 19 - 24 of 1001234567



Change the way you worship God and make use of  various musical genres like Reggae in
“Blessed is He” (include links to MP3 and PDF Song Sheet) and even an Irish
song “Lord You Are Good”.  African style
“Brilliant Flame” creates a good platform for further “prophetic flow” (include
links to MP3 prophetic flow of Brilliant flame) and the sitar filled Indian
genre “Give Thanks to the Lord” (include links to MP3 and PDF Song Sheet) will
have people dancing Indian style for God!
The Latin songs “Happy” (include links to MP3 and PDF Song Sheet) and
“Dance of the Lord” (include links to MP3 and PDF Song Sheet) will transport
your congregation to Brazil and redeem Samba and Bossa Nova styles for Jesus!
Beautifully orchestrated classical worship including elaborate chord
progressions for piano supported with brass instruments releases a heavenly
sound in “Holy” (include links to MP3 and PDF Song Sheet) and “We See the Risen
Son” (include links to MP3 and PDF Song Sheet) as well as “When We Gather”
(include links to MP3 and PDF Song Sheet) by prophetic psalmist Nola Pelser.



The “Reformation CD” (Click to add to cart for download.)
Aje and Chantal Pelser produced this CD as a collection of songs that capture
teachings on Apostolic Reformation in Praise and Worship. From the driving
heavy metal “Arrayed in Splendour” (click to listen) to the spiritual cafe
smooth jazz “You are an Awesome God” there is something for every taste. The
definitions included in “Reformation” (include links to MP3 and PDF Song Sheet)
and “Only True Church” (include links to MP3 and PDF Song Sheet) will orientate
serious worshippers into this move of God. Chantal Pelser sings songs created
entirely by herself and other band members in Harvester Reformational Church,
Cape Town with lyrics that will ring in your spirit for days “Smell the spices
dancing in the air… let Your wind blow over my Garden” from Song of Solomon
and “how precious are your thoughts to me O God, how great are the sum of
them…” as well as lines from “The Life of Christ: miracles followed wherever
he went, loyal to the purpose to which He was sent”. Download the whole CD or
pick your song!


SPIRITSCAPES CD – Live Worship with Prophet Nola Pelser

Prophetic Psalmist Nola Pelser recorded her Live CD
“Spiritscapes” (include links to MP3 and PDF Song Sheet) in one take at
Harvester Reformational Church. She takes the listener on a journey through the
landscapes of the Spirit of God from the joyful “Sing for Joy” (include links
to MP3 and PDF Song Sheet) including a whole addition of free flow in music and
song, to the well known “Eye had not Seen” (click to listen to MP3 and add link
to PDF Song Sheet) revealing the mysteries of God’s Spirit.  There are songs for Overcomers like “You Lead
us in Your Triumph” (include links to MP3 and PDF Song Sheet) and “Take up the
Sword of the Spirit” (include links to MP3 and PDF Song Sheet) that will
inspire all believers in any meeting. Browse through the other songs and select
the one that your church needs today! You will be sure to enjoy “Eternal
Glory”! (include links to MP3 and PDF Song Sheet)


Perform your own Rock Musical. See the book of Acts come
alive in the Rock Musical by Dr Andre Pelser, “The Prisoners” (Click here to
listen to the main theme song form the soundtrack “I’m a Prisoner!”) Get your
Drama Department going with a script and soundtrack that will set hearts and
minds free to serve God with songs like: “If you wanna get saved!” (Click here
to download MP3) and “Faith is Now”. (Click here to link to MP3)



God alone can turn your blues around with these original
blues numbers featuring Greg Smith on Blues Harp on songs like “Will your
Memory of Me be Kind” (include links to MP3) and “Home Again” (include links to
MP3)  as well as “Preacherman Blues” (Click
here to download) and Dale Collins on Lead Guitar in “Draw nigh to Me” and on
“War time story” (include links to MP3)  and the haunting and heartfelt “Home Again” (include
links to MP3) that tells the story of a missionary on a great commission “to go
across the sea… all I need is your permission to set my spirit
free…although the task be humble and thought he stakes be high, I will
complete my mission or give it my best try!” Keep going Apostle Andre your 100th
nation awaits – come on let’s help him and show your support – click here.

Watch this space for the next Blues Album – featuring his
new song written on a mission in Africa – “Jesus in the Window” as well as the
thunderous “More than Overcomers” that lands a knockout punch!