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Art - Pelser Media


From the outset Aje Pelser has dedicated his art to tell
the story of a move of God’s spirit in the earth today.



Art with a message – some of Aje’s posters made for Apostolic Conferences have
been taken down by religious groups. But the work continued and the word is
still being made flesh through fine art and design.




If you love God’s Creation browse through the works on
order in printed form – all the original artworks sold out in one night in aid
of a mission to Liberia in 2012 to the glory of God!


by Aje Pelser.

on Canvas. The wetsuit places the secret wave somewhere in the Cape region.
Commission Aje to paint you in your dream wave location!


“Victoria Bay Line Up”

by Aje Pelser

based on a photo by Bridgette Young taken a few weeks ago and this beautiful
spot on the Garden Route is one of our favourite, with Land’s End Guest house
on the point.


“Inner Pool Mossel Bay” by Aje Pelser

Oil on Canvas Board,
using palette knife.

The Pelser Brothers,
Aje and Hilton, surfed this spot alone last Friday and swopped wave after wave.

you Jesus for waves!


“The Plume” by Aje Pelser.

on canvas, 76cm by 38cm. This wave actually exists but is from secret location.



“Desert Wave”

by Aje Pelser

The Desert Coast of
Africa is worth exploring. Oil on Canvas Board, using palette knife.



by Aje Pelser

the southern most tip of the island of Java you will find Grajagan Bay. G-Land
is arguably one of the world’s best left-hander breaks, reputed for its
established offshore trade winds. There are 7 breaks in G-Land and the 3 most
famous ones are Kong, Money Trees and Speedies. Two travelling surfers
discovered it mid flight and took months to find it by boat and on foot!


Point” by Aje Pelser

on Canvas Board, using palette knife. We are so spoilt for point breaks like
these around South Africa’s coast. But God is still the best artist every


“Dream Wave Tahiti.” by Aje Pelser

is actually the fabled wave called Teahupoo pronounced “Cho-Po” and is
considered one of the world’s heaviest waves. Laird Hamilton is among the
surfers to have towed into the biggest and thickest barrels here and the reason
is that the deep ocean swell refracts around and over a shallow coral reef.
This results in the wave being ridden virtually below ocean level as can be
seen in the dark top right corner of the wave in the painting representing deep
ocean above the lip of the wave! Enjoy mind surfing this one and praise God for
the beauty of His surfable creation.


“Jeffreys Bay Line Up”

by Aje Pelser

on Canvas Board. Every surfer’s dream – empty waves at Supertubes.


“Secret Left” by Aje Pelser

on Canvas Board, palette knife & pool sand.. Rocky Points, stormy skies,
peeling lefts.


“Top Turn” by Aje Pelser

Oil on Canvas Board.
As the sun sets, the green room is illuminated and colours explode. Unknown




Watch this space for more oil painting from the greatest
life ever lived. At this stage there are some watercolours: “The Woman at the
Well” and “Lazarus Come Forth!” that you can order on print.




A watercolour colour inspired by Evangelist John T. L.
Maasbach about the Scarlet thread hanging out of the only part of the wall of
Jericho that did not fall when God gave Israel the city.



Browse through selected Photos and Artworks of African



Apostle Andre has captured moments on missions to around
100 nations in his pocket notebooks over the years and has enlarged them for us
to take a peak at the world through the eyes of a missionary. We hope to hold
an exhibit soon!